The Good Old Days?

Our family moved to Cheshunt South at the beginning of the tobacco boom in 1959.

When we arrived here there was only a narrow dirt road which was dusty in Summer and muddy in Winter.  The cold and drafty house had no electricity.  The long drop toilet was out the back.  The leaky water tank gave us very low tap pressure and an old crank Bakelite telephone that went through the exchange at Cheshunt only worked part time.  Mum was not impressed even though Dad tried to explain that the soils were excellent, the place was a bargain and the hills reminded him of their home in Tuscany.  I think the only reason we stayed was because Mum didn’t have her car licence at the time!

Well we eventually got electicity in 1964 and also a sealed road and a beautiful lake called Lake William Hovell in the early 1970’s.

Look what we have now! We still have the beautiful landscapes of the top end of the King Valley, but now we have vineyards, wineries and cellar doors.  There are now coffee shops, cafes, an art gallery, a cooking school, excellent eateries that match any in the city including a gasto pub and a trattoria.

Our newest addition is really something! Chrismont’s winery restaurant and events centre.  It’s modern in style, oozes class and has fantastic views that will take your breath away.

Well done Jo and Arnie for putting the top end of the King Valley on the map.

Chrismont’s state of the art new complex is only 5 minutes from Glenmore Springs and will be opening soon.

Lake William Hovell as seen from Wabonga Plateau

Looking down into the top end of the King Valley from Wabonga Plateau