November 28, 2016

Natural Attractions

kingriver_05King River

The King River was named after Governor King by William Hovell in 1824 during the Hume and Hovell overland excursion. The River flows from the mountains to a junction with the Ovens River in Wangaratta. It is generally a gently flowing, deliciously cool and fresh mountain stream, with accessible banks shaded by river willows. At Moyhu, Edi, Whitfield and Cheshunt and further upstream there are water smoothed pebble beaches that provide a peaceful escape for fishing, swimming, kayaking or canoeing.

paradisefalls_05Paradise Falls

In season, these falls have a spectacular drop of some 31 metres to the creek bed below. Access to the falls is via the township of Cheshunt. Follow the signs turning right into the Wabonga Plateau State Park section of the Alpine National Park. Facilities include car parking, picnic area with tables, chairs, wood BBQ and toilets.

lakewilliamhovel_05Lake William Hovel

This lake is very scenic offering excellent canoeing or a lazy picnic in picturesque surroundings. There are many picnic/barbecue spots, swimming areas and boat launching facilities. The Lake is located on the King River 8kms south of the Guesthouse and access is via the Upper King River Road.

powerslookout_05Powers Looout

Located 5km off the Whitfield-Mansfield Rd and 18km from Whitfield is Powers Lookout. The lookout provides excellent vistas of the Upper King Valley and the Alpine National Park. It is believed the lookout was a vantage point for Bushranger Harry Power to view approaching troopers. There is a car park, picnic area with tables, chairs, undercover fireplaces, wood BBQ , and toilets. The car park viewing area has wheel chair access. Glenmore Springs guesthouse can be seen in the valley below, at the base of Power’s Lookout.

alpinenationalpark_05Alpine National Park

Some of Victoria’s most spectacular rugged alpine scenery with panoramic views from many peaks can be accessed via the King Valley. Through Cheshunt and along the Upper Rose River Road will bring you to such beautiful places as Bennies Campsite, Mount Cobbler, Lake Cobbler and Dandongadale Falls. Dandongadale Falls are the highest falls in Victoria (255m). The road is suitable for conventional cars as far as Bennies then a 4WD is recommended for the rest of the trip as it can be rough, steep and slippery in sections.