Amazing King Valley Skies

2016 had an unusually wet Winter and Spring. One of the bonuses was amazingly colourful skies. Marco and Aussie farmers have a saying: Red sky in the morning shepherds warning. Red sky at night shepherds delight. Grape growers would much rather a red sunset to a red sunrise!

What a busy month in the King Valley!

King Valley Challenge: 15km run in the bush 12km kayak on Lake William Hovell 39km bike ride from Lake WIlliam Hovell to Power’s Lookout turnoff 3.6km run to Powers Lookout A great Sporting event starting at Lake William Hovell and finishing at Power’s Lookout Targa Rally Hundreds of people come from all around Australia to Read more about What a busy month in the King Valley![…]

View from Power's Lookout

Shortcut to Power’s Lookout

Many people ask ‘is there a shorter way of getting to Power’s Lookout from Glenmore Springs?’. Well there is now. We’ve now got a small walking track for the reasonably fit people who don’t mind a one hour uphill walk. So next time you come up, bring good walking shoes, a water bottle and a camera. The question: ‘is Read more about Shortcut to Power’s Lookout[…]

Glenmore homestead 1935

The story behind the name ‘Glenmore Springs’

It’s a question often asked by our guests. So here is what we tell them……. Glenmore was originally a 25,000 acre Squatting Run. The first white settler in the Upper King was a Scottish gentleman named John Bond in 1843.  Although he only stayed a short time the Scottish name Glenmore remained. Amongst the squatters at Read more about The story behind the name ‘Glenmore Springs’[…]